Our publicity and marketing projects encompass a wide variety of industries. Prices are not listed as every project, just like every client, has different needs.


We offer a comprehensive range of public relations techniques to help your product and campaign earn maximum benefits. Building a broad base of print, broadcast and electronic media coverage is at the heart of our service platform.​

We employ efficiency and dedicated commitment to boost your product branding, publicity and marketing campaign to reach the highest point.

In addition to wide networking with domestic media outlets, we have long-standing relationships with media at foreign-based publications. Working closely with you allows us to devise creative storylines to secure long-lead features in prominent newspapers, consumer, trade, glossy and business magazines, as well as on popular broadcast programs and influential websites and blogs.




We develop concise, compelling language that uniquely positions your brands in the marketplace. This message is then incorporated into your collateral materials, including corporate backgrounder, company timeline, fact sheet, executive biographies and more.

We can hold as many sessions as necessary to continue preparing company executives for interviews and developing their media and communications skills. Pricing will depend on the number of sessions and the level of training required.

We serve as a high-level counsellor to individuals and companies at the centre of litigation disputes, criminal and civil complaints, wrongful termination claims, labour disagreements, defamatory remarks lodged by third-party groups and other sensitive matters that may elicit negative publicity.

At the outset of a potential crisis situation, we formulate a detailed strategy that includes the selection of the appropriate spokesperson, creation of a media-relations policy and development of a positioning statement.

We also work closely with a core team to take proactive steps to clear our clients in the press. This often includes advising on the selection of a legal team to file potential libel suits, and when possible, generating positive storylines distinct from the crisis at hand.​ We can also arrange editorial board meetings with newspapers and conduct off-the-record briefings with reporters covering the story.


As a brand builder, we offer strategic advice to help companies and individuals increase visibility and add value to their products, services and reputations via both conventional and digital platforms. In this regard, we align you with influential figures and organizations to better position their brand in the market place.


A company or brand can enhance its visibility within the media and among its core audience through special events, including press conferences, cocktail receptions, company and product launches, designer showcases and more.

We plan captivating events that attract broad mainstream exposure. In addition to securing pre-, during and post-event coverage, we frequently arrange for prominent celebrities, politicians, business executives and others to attend and participate in our client's activities, maximizing the potential for media exposure and building brand credibility.


Events are a platform and an opportunity to bring your brand to life, so a successful event has to make a mark. We create unique events that draw a crowd and leave a good impression.

At MindOrder, we plan, do the calculation for your budget and manage the event from soup to nuts. We also the brain behind the ideas and concept of your event, selecting suitable venues, integrating food and beverage (F&B) into your event theme and managing launch gambit for large-scale consumer events.


When planning what to buy for your products promotion, we are the experts in this part. We are capable to evaluate factors based on station formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psychographics relating to the particular product or service objectives. We will equip you the best guidelines for your advertorial/promotional needs.

What is bought dependent on budget, type of medium (radio, internet, TV, print), quality of the medium, target audience and how much time and space is wanted based on direct response media buyers (DRMB) methodology.

With experience and networking, we’ve established, we are specialized and efficient in negotiating a functional rate and in purchasing media from the appropriate stations or platforms to optimize results.


A detailed communications strategy is a necessary tool for companies involved in delicate legal manoeuvrings. We partner with our clients’ attorneys to develop cogent messaging that seamlessly conveys the stated legal positioning and effectively reaches target audiences.


Ideally, clients begin working with us before the initial filing of the complaint in order to curb potential negative publicity and chart our future strategy.


At MindOrder, we can help you make vast improvements over your existing creative content. We have an in-house creative team that can design and develop on your behalf, taking your ideas and transforming them into striking, compelling content, from traditional collateral to infographics to motion graphics for video and more.

Our services include websites and blogs, social media page design and customization, logos and brand identity, print collateral, display advertising, infographics and video and motion graphics.


We also supply goods and merchandise for your events. Anything that you’re looking for your event, we can provide you at a very reasonable price and of great quality.

In order to give you quality merchandise at a good value, we are selective when it comes to choosing our supply partners. We carry a wide variety of hard-line and soft-line products.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please give us a call. We assure you a reasonable fee for optimum results.


Our vast experience in the media world, public relations and publicity allow us to facilitate and provide courses and training for government and private sectors. With MindOrder, we offer training in various scope in media relations and networking, media world and crisis management. 10 modules are designed for the courses and training in the respective branches, which to be monitored by experienced moderators and popular celebrities Datuk Rosyam Nor and Neelofa.


The idea of expanding into artist/talent management began with continuous inquiries from a few local celebrities in recent years for a joint venture. Their positive and great faith in our expertise, networking and experience in showbiz has motivated us to venture into this field in mid-2016.

With strong bonds and repertoire with the showbiz scene in Malaysia, we believe it is time to take up the challenge and utilize our expertise and experience to build the artist’s branding and career.

Our responsibility covers a wide range of duties from day-to-day oversea of business affairs of an artist, advice and counsel talent concerning professional matters, short and long-term plans, brand development including product endorsement and campaign as well as creative direction. On top of that, we also handle personal threat or crisis which may occur and affect our artist during their contractual terms. Being a management hub for several celebrities, we cultivate unique culture and strong bonding and treat them with mutual respect as a family.